12 Apr 2024
13 Apr 2024

who are we?

In the previous post, we have tried to show you why booking a budget hotel is so crucial, and now we come with what you need to know about Room Roaming, grab your coffee, take a couple of minutes to read through this article and then know deeply about who we are.

Let’s start with our definition, Room Roaming is a budget hotel aggregator & franchiser with a technology-based business model. We are a hotel aggregator company driven to create a bigger market share for our hotel members. Our focus is mainly on consultation, rebranding, monitoring and evaluation of budget hotels. We re-brand budget hotels, face-lift them to deliver international services for a fair price and market them through our platforms enabling them to be visible worldwide and attract a large number of customers.

At Room Roaming, we believe in creating a brand where every guest finds quality and affordability going hand to hand, with an emphasis on constant and uniform customer counted service across all Room Roaming member hotels. The most important services we offer are:-

  1. Face-lifting and Hotel Standardization
  2. Experienced consultants assist member hotels by implementing practical recommendations so that they can improve their services to Room Roaming’s standards. Professionally conferring with member hotels to fit Room Roaming’s standards for the provision of consistent and promise fulfilled services at a reasonable price.

  3. Hotel Aggregator
  4. We aggregate stand alone budget hotels and promote them under one brand to deliver Room Roaming standard service uniformly.

  5. Hotel Booking
  6. A dedicated Room Roaming booking platform on which each of the member hotels are listed accordingly.

  7. Hotel Operations
  8. Room Roaming provides member hotels manuals for training their staff up to par with industry standards and to streamline operations. These manuals provide detailed procedures and policies that enable them to run their hotels effectively and efficiently.

  9. Booking Platform
  10. A Room Roaming’s dedicated booking engine that allows member hotels to design their own booking and cancellation policy that is available 24/7 to take reservations. We have launched both a website and mobile application to receive bookings from any guest anywhere in the world. This makes the booking steps as near as the customers’ fingertips. With both these platforms launched, anyone with a smart phone can grab and book clean, safe and affordable rooms from our trustworthy member hotels.

  11. Hotel Management Software
  12. A platform which can automate your operations! This software streamlines various tasks of your hotel such as front office, back office, inventory and so much more.

  13. Dedicated Call Center
  14. Guaranteed to increase your competitive advantage and set you apart from your competitors, your customers' confidence in your hotel will increase knowing that you have professional agents ready to assist them any time of the day.

  15. Airport Shuttle
  16. Room Roaming will operate its own professionally manned airport shuttle to transport guests with ease and comfort to their designated member hotel. This will remarkably increase the guest’s satisfaction.

We can now be sure that you have got some important information about who Room Roaming is. It is our pleasure to help you get you room with out the need to roam around the city.

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