17 Jun 2024
18 Jun 2024

Sheger Park

This lush park is peaceful and immaculately maintained. Although most of the trees are eucalyptus, a wide range of flowers grows in the sunshine between the trees. Park visitors can wander down the hill on the stone path or take the meandering paths through the sides of the park. Unlike most other green spaces in Addis, it isn’t cordoned off into sections, and the bottom of the hill opens onto a lawn dotted with benches.

In the morning, the irrigation channels give the illusion of filling the park with narrow streams. The western edge of the park is still a natural forest. Overall, the park is a lovely place to read, picnic, or take photographs.

It is conscientiously undergoing renovations and expansion while working to maintain a pristine feel. We recommend visiting Sheger Park and experience the new Ethiopia.

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